#WeddingWednesday - Photography

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hey loves and happy Thanksgiving eve, haha!
Today, I am back with another Wedding post! I'll be sharing our photographer with you all and how I ended up picking them.

So, of course one of the first things I started doing after Ben proposed was research photographers. I wanted to get an idea of prices and different photography styles. I became quickly overwhelmed by the amount of photographers in the area and the pricing of wedding packages. Photography can get very expensive and Ben and I have a set budget because we are helping to pay for Photography. 

After a few weeks of stressing out because I wasn't able to find someone within our budget, I was approached by Irresistible Portraits. We set up a consultation to review packages and talk more in-depth about what I wanted for our big day and we just hit it off immediately! If you read my venue post, then you know I am all about the feels. I have to feel a connection before I make a decision. When sitting and talking with Karen, Jess and Leah, I felt a connection. They understood where I wanted to go with our wedding photography and we were able to put together a package that was within Ben and I's budget! They're so, so awesome.

Irresistible Portraits studio has so much to offer! They have indoor sets as well as outdoor sets. I literally could shoot so many blog outfits around their studio. All the sets are beautiful. They have the front of their studio decked out for Christmas photos and it's insanely gorgeous! 

This past weekend Ben and I had our engagement session. We had such a fun time taking pictures together! We had an hour and a half session and shot two-looks. One casual and one more fitted to our wedding theme which is The Great Gatsby. We were running about 10-15 minutes late that day, no surprise to those who truly know me, I am always late! So, we lost a good amount of time and we had to rush a bit to get all the shots, but we did it! I also about had a meltdown because I forget Ben's button down for his second look. But, we ended up making it work!

When we arrived for pictures we were walked back to a separate room to place our things. This is where we changed looks and the room was so inviting. Brightly colored and they even had a cute welcome sign for us! 

 Overall, we are very excited to be working with Irresistible Portraits. They have been in business for 26 years now and have so much to offer including; weddings, family portraits, even dog portraits! They work with the humane society and photograph pups who need a good home. How awesome is that? If you're looking for a good quality photographer that is budget friendly I highly recommend Irresistible Portraits

I have a little surprise for you! 
I was sent some sneak peeks of our shoot this weekend and I cannot wait to go pick out our favorites! I'll have a separate post on what to wear for engagement photos later on.

 Thank you so much for stopping by today!
If you have any questions please feel free to email me: brittanykbuie@gmail.com

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!