Pool Day Look

Friday, June 24, 2016

Target Bandeau Top || Target Bottoms || Scarf || Hat || Earrings {similar} || Coola Suncreen || Float

Happy Friday beauties! We have made it to the weekend :)
Today, I am sharing an easy pool day look and also talking a little about body positivity and my struggle lately.

First, let's talk about this look. There are three main essentials that I must have when being out at the pool all day long. The first is good sunscreen. The older I get the more I am starting to pay attention to my skin and making sure that it is getting taken care of and protected. I really love this Coola sunscreen and highly recommend it! The second thing I love having while being in the sun all day is a good hat. This one from Target is so chic and will go with a lot outside of the pool as well! Lastly, I love having an easy cover-up to walk to the restrooms or back to our apartment if need be. I used a scarf and tied it up like a sarong and voila, we have a cover up!

I recently purchased this bathing top and I love it! It something different and eye-catching without having to worry about crazy tan lines! I love all the high-neck and strappy tops but I cannot get over the fact that I would have some crazy tan lines after a whole day of being in the sun. Not cute in my eyes haha!

I want to touch base a little about body positivity and my struggle over the past few weeks. This past year or so, I have been dealing with stomach issues and I lost a lot of weight. In April, I had some procedures done and the doctors could not find anything in my system and seem to think that my super high anxiety is the cause of my stomach pain. Crazy right? Any-who, I've changed up somethings in my diet as well as increased my exercise and started using essential oils for my anxiety. I have noticed a big difference in my stomach as well as my anxiety.

Now, that I some-what have things under control my body is starting to return to the way it used to be. As in, I'm gaining my weight-back. This really put a toll on me and has affected the way I looked at myself. When you see one version of yourself for so long and then you start to gain weight or change, your whole perception changes. The girl I used to see in the mirror is gone and I felt ugly. I just didn't like myself and it shook my confidence.

May into the beginning of June was really hard for me. However, this has changed. I needed to stop body shaming myself and being so upset with the fact that I'm healthy again. And that is the fact, I am healthy and not struggling anymore. So, why be so hard on myself?

Getting into a bathing suit in front of the camera and sharing this look with you all today is a huge step for me. I feel so proud and so much better about myself after adjusting to gaining my healthy weight back. I wanted to show you that anyone can struggle in their own way and you can overcome it! As long as your trying to be your best, LOVE YOURSELF because you're beautiful!

I know I am not the only one who has struggled with this and that's why I wanted to open up to you all today! Some of us may feel like their too skinny, too fat, too tall or too short. Whatever that case may be, love yourself because God has made the perfect you! So keep that head up beautiful!