Lets Catch Up..

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hello March, hello friends!
It has been awhile and I could not be happier than to be back on my little blog. I thought I'd catch you all up on some life updates and share some recent instagram snaps. Let me tell you friends, I am SO happy a new month is here. I am ready to turn over a new leaf for sure. February was absolutely ridiculous. The stress never seemed to leave and more and more began to pile on; which lead to feeling extremely overwhelmed. On top of it all, I have high anxiety and that is no good for anyone. School this past month has been all consuming! I am a full time online student at Grand Canyon University, completing my bachelors in Science of Business Management. I needed to pretty much drop everything and focus. Currently jumping for joy because I am in the last week of that nerve-racking course, goooodddbyeeee calculus. On top of school, I was sick pretty much the whole month. 
So, as you can see this girl is SO happy to see February leave and March begin! 
If only winter would leave us alone. Come on spring!

On to the snaps
- - - -

Destroyed denim {similar} || Sweater from Hope's {sold-out} || Bow Flats Hope's {sold-out}
Hot pink purse and scarf Target || Jessica Simpson Sunnies
Casual weekend wear with a sweet tea in hand :)

Could this watch be anymore gorgeous! Target does it again :)

These babies speak for themselves. I'm in awe over them :)

What I wore on Valentine's day <3

Thank you loves for stopping by and catching up with me!
I am so happy to be back healthy and ready for March! 
I'll have an outfit post up for you guys this weekend. Have a wonderful day!