Let's talk make-up..

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I thought I would let all my wonderful friends in on what make-up I use daily. Now, I am not one who uses a ton of make-up. I like more of a natural look, unless I have a big event or going out; then I'll take it up a notch! I'm going to go in the order of how I apply it! Let's get started :)

Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes

This are my life savers! I have this huge pack and then a small portable one in my purse, in case of any make-up disasters during my day, you never know.. Now I wash my face every night, but every morning I use one of these and to just get all the nasty off my face from the night before. It makes my face feel so refreshed! Then you have a nice, fresh palette to work with! I get these facial wipes from Target for about $5.00 and 25 come in a pack!


Primer is very important! Primer creates a smooth surface to work on; not to mention how it keeps your makeup lasting all day! I am a bareMinerals girl for sure! So of course my go to primer is PRIME TIME by bareMinerals. I purchase mine at Sephora. You get can it for $23. My skin can be more of an oil type, so I use the oil control PRIME TIME. I love, love, love this. Keeps my make-up long lasting and keeps the oil controlled, hence the name "oil control." Also last me a good few months! A little goes a long way! Great product, I definitely recommend this!

Eye/Eye Shadow Primer

Now I put on eye shadow primer whether I am putting on eye shadow or not. It puts some natural color on my lids and makes them look smooth. Using eye shadow primer is super crucial when wearing eye shadow, of course. Creates a smooth surface, keeps your eye shadow looking great all day and keeps those creases away that can occur during a days wear. I have two and both products I've had for a few months and they are still full of life!

Urban Decay Anti-Aging, Long-Lasting Eye Shadow Base
Obsessed. Purchase it from Sephora for $24.00. My last Sephora run awhile ago I ended up having a lot of points on my account and I actually got this for free! I was so excited! Great perks with Sephora! This is what I have been using everyday, eye shadow or not. Makes my eyes look more awake, could just be me. Still an amazing product.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance 
This primer is always amazing! Great with eye shadow and this is an anti-crease. So it's perfect for a long day or night outing! Purchase this at Sephora as well for $20.00. This I did purchase and I can say it is worth the money! 

Concealer&Pore Eraser

After I use an elf eye concealer under my eyes, shade ivory! I also put this on any red bumps or areas I need to cover. I love elf products! I always get mine at Target for $3.00, can't beat that!

Then this amazing, recently new purchase, Baby Sking Instant Pore Eraser.
I use this baby on my cheeks or on areas where I feel my pore's show the most. Let me tell you, they disappear! Makes my face look perfect without those annoying little pore dots! I got mine from Target for about $6.00! Great product!

bareMinerals Matte Powder

I love all of their products and the flawless finish it gives me! You can get the starter kit at Sephora which is a great deal or of course just the individual pieces. If you would like to invest, I would recommend to purchase the starter kit! It includes it all to get started with bareMinerals. They have tons of different kits. I went with the Customizable Get Started kit for $49.00. Not bad for what your are getting, check Sephora out for more details!


Let's brighten up those cheeks! I use bareMinerals faux tan and Phsyicians Formula Natural Pearl I purchased from Target around $10.00. I love the pink color and the glow it gives you and the faux tan is the perfect bronze color!

Last but least, LASHES

I love my eye lashes and I am a mascara whore. No shame. I use multiple mascara's at one time! They combine together and create an amazing full look! Right now I have been using these two together: They're Real by Benefit and Great Lash Curved by Maybelline. They're Real has been one of my greatest mascara find's, I am obsessed and the way it works with the Great Lash is awesome. I am so thankful for long lashes and the two products really make them full! Great Lash from Target for about $6 bucks I'm guessing and They're Real from Sephora for $23.00. I know that much for mascara?! But ladies I am telling you it is completely worth the money!

HOLY BLOG. Thank you so much for reading if you made it all the way through! I'm sure there was a snack break or two in between ! I think I should invest in some vlogging, I have way too much to say! Once again thanks so much for reading and I hope this helps with some make-up go to's!

Happy Faces ;)