Places I Shop The Most...

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I had an eventful weekend and during all my outings a lot of people asked me where I was getting some of my pieces of clothing. Family and friends ask me these kind of questions all the time as well. So here we are. :) I am going to tell all of you the places I shop, here we go!

Now F21 has to be my favorite. AMAZING prices and you always find great pieces to add to your closet that will mix and match. I have been shopping here since it opened and I have to say that I am addicted. Their jewelery is adorable and  I can always find something that goes perfect with my outfit. I am NEVER disappointed when I leave. Also I can walk out spending a decent amount and have a lot to show for it!

Love you back is a local boutique in Harrisburg and I cannot explain how much I adore this little boutique. AMAZING style and prices. Such a fun girly store and I ALWAYS find just what I need and more. I cannot leave there without having my hands full. A lot of my closet consists of this boutique. So adorable, so much love for Love You Back. If you have not been check them out on facebook! It will be worth your time.

Head over heels in love with this boutique. This is an online store and their home stores are in Georgia. This is a must if you have not checked them out. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and PERFECTION is this boutique and I have spent a pretty penny purchasing from them. They best is they always have fast and free shipping! Can't beat that. This boutique offers the trendiest, girly fashion and you will not be disappointed.

I am definitely a VS girl. I could live in yoga pants and a pullover if I could. Which I pretty much do at home. I love everything they offer and you can't go wrong with their lounge wear. Can we say GORG bathing suits?! Their bathing suits are to die for and are so fancy! I LOVE VS!

Versona is amazing. I walk in and have to take a deep breathe because my eyes are going crazy with accessory excitement. SO MUCH SPARKLE AND COLOR. I always find the most gorgeous statement pieces and for the beauty the prices are not bad at all. If you have not been, it is a must. I must warn you though, you will be obsessed!

I am sure all of you have been to Marshall's. This is just an all around great store. From home goods to great clothes finds. Not to mention the good prices you can find on name brand material. I find a lot of good Ralph Lauren clothing for great prices. You can always find amazing goodies here.

Target is seriously my weakness. I'm sure all of you ladies understand me on this. You cannot leave this freaking store without a whole cart full. Target is the best and the fashion has grown through this store as well. I find a lot of my clothes and jewelery here and of course all of the other things that I probably do not need at the time haha. Not to mention scarves, handbags, shoes and bathing suits. Most of my bathing suits are from target and the ones coming out this season are to die for!

These are some of the places I shop a majority of the time. There are other stores I peek into a lot but these are the top picks of mine! If you have not checked out some of these stores it's a must!

Until next time fashionista's