Hello there.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Where do I begin?... I've gone back and forth for years about making a blog site and I guess on this Saturday night I have decided, what the hell. So here we are. Now I will warn you this will be random from my day to day, "OMG," moments to out fits of the day or me just rambling on because well, that is what I do. I am in love with my best friend, Benjamin, now for 5 years and I could not be anymore blessed with this man in my life. I love my pup so much, he is my child. I am a shopaholic and can be a bit sassy at times if not all the time. Welcome to the life of BrittanyB.

Twenty-two years on this earth now; I finally feel I have some direction. Lets take a few steps back. I have always loved clothes and of course shopping. Like I think I have a problem. Anyways, about two years ago I dipped my toes into the retail world and worked at Body Central; I'm sure some of you ladies have peeked into this store because of their reasonable prices. I was an assistant manager and did a lot of the visual merchandising. I fell in love with the visual aspect and the art of design; having a vision and going for it. Achieving the desired inspiration in my mind, it's amazing and I get this through fashion. Styling outfits, collaborating pieces in my closet and always mixing it up. I no longer work at Body Central, another job came up with better hours and pay. But I am finishing my degree so I can open up my own boutique. I want something of my own and with my love for clothes and the visual aspect of it; it seems like the perfect option for me. Until I get my degree the only sane thing to do is to continue to shop until I drop and of course work hard in school ;) 

XoXo <3